Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Isn't Always a Good Thing

My husband and I watched this documentary the other night and found it fantastic. It was really eye opening. It's easy to feel like we're doing our part when we buy all things pretty and pink. We don't have to do anything but buy stuff we normally would but just pink up the pink versions - and everyone knows how much I love myself some pink! - BUT, we don't always do the leg work to figure out if that purchase is really going where we think it is or for the amount we think it is. Does it do as much good as simply writing a check to a research organization? The example of Yoplait yogurt and sending in the pink lids which if eaten 3 times a day for the month of October actually only generates about $34.00 towards research vs how much they make from your purchasing that much yogurt. OY! Now, if you are going to purchase that yogurt in that amount anyway then why not but going out of your way to "support" the cause would be better served with a researched donation.

It was also incredible to realize how little we're really doing for prevention. It's crazy how much money has been raised and we know almost nothing more than ten years ago on the causes of breast cancer. It's insane.  

Also listening to this episode of Tell Me More on NPR about 3 women in various stages of breast cancer. Heartbreaking. As a new Mama I can't imagine having to tell Sophy I was sick, or even worse, dying when she's little and she wouldn't remember me. It's horrifying and ridiculous that we can't figure this out. 

Now, I'm just as upset about a lot of other things but this is the "month of awareness" so I'm sharing what's made me more aware. I know folks are tired of politics, tired of soap boxes, tired, tired, tired. Well, suck it. This is my blog and I'm tired too. A 7 and 3/4's baby going through sleep regression is exhausting. Again, suck it up. This might not be your issue but I bet you have one and we should all do more to support those: volunteer, write a check, even donate old clothes, coats, etc to organizations you do support. 

... and now I'm done.

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