Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Party 2012 - Part 1: The Decorations

We had a Halloween Party on Saturday and it was fantastic. Great company who appreciated the tasty treats and cute kids who were just the perfect amount of cute and trouble making. Sort of the best part of kids really. They know they're on the edge so they pull out the cute. I'm setting the scene with all the pics of the decorations pre-party. Follow up will include party goers. :) 

Well stocked bar with cute pumpkins on a stick. Also Absinthe that was not busted open so will have to find another appropriate occasion for it. New Years?

This is how you can tell we're from the Midwest. We got this at the farm supply. :)

Village in our entry that we collected from the defunct Illuminations. I loved that store.

Halloween tree that took me forever to spray paint. It's old school before everyone decided they should have a Halloween tree and they come out of the box black. Well, I can still "keep it real" with all my bitching that it took two weeks to cover that sucker.

Mantle with homemade pumpkin garland made with glass ornaments found at Paper Source for $13.00 a box. I seriously coveted these but they became out of stock and the price tag of $40 a strand was kind of ridiculous.

Savory table

Sweets table. It took 3 dozen cupcakes to just make that holder not look empty. It still wasn't full!

Cute little decorations next to my favorite pic of Sophy and I taken the day she came home.

 Everyone needs a cute little Halloween wreath and since we have a Trader Joe's I was able to pick one up for under $15 bucks  -  Ignoring the pumpkins constantly falling into the floor and desperately holding on to the cuteness.

Next up, party guests!

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