Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Party Pics: The Guests

So the only pics I didn't get are ones of us. Oy. I only managed glimpses of Rolland but I promise he was there!
JJ and Sophy

Andrew and Sean had some baby time. To be fair, Nolan is in fact his baby so he was really being a total baby hoarder and not spreading the baby love. But I did get in some snuggles with the cutie. Sophy didn't care. She was OBSESSED with Sean. JJ, Sean's wife, called him Sophy's boyfriend. Super cute.

Sophy in her devil costume for about 2.5 mins. I am choosing to not post the outraged angry baby pics.

Full size shot of Sophy

The Siegel's in super cute pirate and parrot wear. Seriously adorable.

Elizabeth and Devin. Mother nature and her little ladybug were beyond cute.

Group pic but Mae is primarily featured. Cutest little cowgirl Jesse.

Jeff and Randall. Jeff was incredibly authentic in his costume. Randall was incredibly patient with Jeff and his costume. :)

Randall and Eric. Eric and I bonded over our love of Ina Garten and the love of orange tulips.  I've invited them over one weekend for patio dining with a Barefoot inspired meal. Jeff and Rolland can talk movies. Randall, Eric and I will talk food tv and decorating.

Mark, Kristen and Rolland's ear. Ugh. They were super cute and patient with the posing. I took a great pic of Mark and his wife Robin with the polariod but missed the point and shoot opportunity. I'm still working on the entertaining juggling. Next time, I'm setting out cameras for folks so they can get in on the fun.

See, I wasn't exaggerating. She LOVES him. Sound asleep after lots of giggling and playing with Nolan.

Sophy and I. Cute little hat from Target. I was a Steampunk, Hogwart's scullery maid/witch. IE odd choices thrown together but I mentioned costumes and was therefore required to think of something! Also, I had super cute grey skirt I've been trying to work out a good reason for wearing. Of course you can't see it so you just have to believe me, it's fabulous.

Since I'm a weekend behind, by next weekend I should have pics of Saturday's visit to the arboretum with The Siegel's. Never again visiting outside of first thing in the morning but cute baby photo ops were had.

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