Wednesday, August 20, 2008


That's the brilliance I'm working with here. Weds sums it up. I have not fallen off the planet but it feels like it. It's been super busy and rainy here lately (rain is fine though and it's not a million degrees anymore!). Even so, I'm planning our fall getaways. The husband and I are driving to Las Vegas in mid-October with a weekend trip in Santa Fe so any must see sights along the way are appreciated (Bo, I'll bribe you with Twisted Root for some road trip to-dos). 

The pre-Halloween weekend I'm going to California to take Cindy Forrester's classes. I'm sharing a room with the lovely Kecia and darling Jen from Art Nest.  And that should tie in nicely with Silver Bella in November.  Oh yes, girliness and art fun will be had!


Bo Nash said...

Name the day! I'm free all next week.

Cindy Dean said...

When you come to Vegas we should try and meet! Hope all is well!

kecia said...

yay, i am so glad you are coming to cali and being my roommate! not sure if jenn is staying with us, but that's okay too! you should try to see Cindy Dean in Vegas, that would be great. you can tell her i said hey! get your camera ready for Hoover dam - it's an awesome sight!