Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art Show

Every year, well the last two, we've had an art show at work. Last year I got second place in the jewelry category but this year... Best in Show! Which by the way, is a fabulous movie. Anyway, my Louvre box brought it home for me so go me!

Mostly that was the best news of the day since I spent the rest of the day fighting a serious migraine. I had to take the hard core drugs at work and my friend Mark had to drive me to Rolland's office so he could take over carpool duty. Not pretty my friends. The Olympics and the late nights are killing me. I have the headache to prove it!


Maija said...

Hi Girlie! I'm catching up on your last few posts! I love the elements of your "louvre" piece- very clever!
Happy birthday to your honey- his cake looks delicious! I love that darling photo of the two of you! Your hair is getting long- you going short again? It was so rocking- but I'm partial to short hair!

kecia said...

congrats!!!! i love what you did with your dollie and then to be a winner, come on! some to california in oct for cindy forresters class, it's right up your alley. dede warren is hosting it.

Kelly said...

Congratulations, Amy! I bet that felt so darn good. Kudos to you on your cool assemblage!