Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun Display

As part of the ongoing house re-structuring I've had to figure out how to display some of my art pieces I especially like. Luckily, the 50 million Michael's coupons I get in the mail have handily provided an inexpensive gallery style option. I've also put the coupons to good use by buying some of the inexpensive black frames allowing me to frame and mat some of the pieces for less than $10 bucks. I just use photo corners and watercolor paper then viola - it's framed! I'm not sure I've got a great expansion plan.

Since I'm still on the reading kick and really able to enjoy some of the books I've collected I wanted to share a new one with you which is My House on First Street by Julia Reed. Another memoir but this one is Southern all the way. She describes life after settling down after 40 with the loves of her life - a new husband and a new house. Then, Katrina strikes and now what. It's a gorgeous story with yummy descriptions of southern delicacies and New Orleans behind the wrought iron gates. But she also does a wonderful job of describing the potential hazards of living in paradise and the situation post-disaster. Definitely a must read.

Also, I got my copy of A Charming Exchange by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae. This is another yummy book with some of the most incredible pieces of jewelry and incredibly generous instructions on how to make your own lovelies. These ladies are amazing! If you don't have it (and why wouldn't you have pre-ordered?!) definitely run out and get it. Even if you have no interest in jewelry (the horror of even imagining such a thing forced me to step away from the computer for a second... I'm back now) it's a great inspiration book with techniques, colors, textures and more that provide ideas for all kinds of art and projects. Well done guys!

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