Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Perfect Pink Shoes

I've found the perfect pink shoes and my husband bought them for me! Strangely, he has issues with my previous habit of spending $50 and getting 5 pairs of shoes that lasted for two months. Now, it's buy the nice shoes that last for 5 years hence these perfect pink shoes that are now on my feet. They are incredibly comfortable, pink and they have sparkles! Yes, I'm in girl heaven! I may even sleep in them.

I had avoided the ubiquitous feet pics for such a long time on this blog but I had to cave for these. I guess I could've taken their pic without the feet but somehow that seems kind of lonely. You'll just have to put up with the deformed and strangely tall second toe. At 5'2 I'll take height in any form I can find! :) Also, I love the new line of OPI specifically for Sephora. They have all the great matte colors except Metro Chic which I can't find anywhere. Damn that perfect color.

1 comment:

Mary Lynn said...

I love your pink shoes, and yes they are so perfect! Your feet look just fine, you know we all have our quarky toes and fingers! Hey if they work, don't complain! The polish is lovely too!