Friday, March 07, 2008

Whew, that was a long break!

I'm still trying to get caught up from having all the Art Nest fun! Note to self: upload pics on Fickr before Kecia makes the mean face at me! The exciting news I have to share is partly to blame for the chaos in our daily life and that news is that we're building a new house! They're starting the build in April and it should be done in August. I can't wait to have more room to spread out and while I have a studio space now, I sometimes have to share with guests but not anymore! It's all mine, mine I tell you with sparkling chandeliers and more china doll heads than you really want to contemplate (I feel like it's a whole new world out there since Kecia mentioned frozen Charlotte dolls -seriously, how did I not know? What else do you guys know that I don't, well besides the obvious walking a straight line, being able to do math, creating those slide things, using all of your camera's features - must stop now before I get depressed!). They are my new obsession and it's creeping my husband out - also vintage Monopoly pieces but he finds those easier to live with. :)

I promise pictures to come of the new lot, house and my super cool new cabinet we got for my studio that was clearly karmic intervention!

I'm beyond thrilled that it's Friday (and it snowed here!) so I can't wait to be out running wild in the streets making snowmen and window shopping for the new house. Well, maybe going to the bookstore for a magazine and a hot chocolate, but still running wild in my heart.

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