Saturday, March 08, 2008

Art Nest Photos

I finally got my Art Nest photos up. You'd think, given my day to day use of technology, that I would have all of this down pat by now but it takes me forever. I think I won't photoshop all the photos but then I start going through them and decide I should resize them and while I'm there just a touch up or two and then 3 hours have passed! OY! I need much better time management skills, or improved Photoshop ones, I'm not deciding which just yet. Anyway, this photo is of Elise (one of my new favorite people on the planet!) and she's awesome. She lives in San Diego so this was not a typical walk for her. Although with our new weird weather with snow, in March, in Texas, I'm hoping this might be a preview of MY future walks!

Today's the North Texas art group meet up and Half-Price books so it's another excellent 2 for 1 kind of day! I love seeing our latest book projects in our Round Robin. I had such great idea's for Mary Lynn's book but I ran out of time before I could implement any but the first one. It's always great inspiration for future projects so I'm not wasting the good ideas!

Ok, that's enough computer time, I'm heading out into the real world - as soon as I shower, blow dry the hair, find food, pack everything up then that's it, the day's wide open and I'm heading out! I swear I am, you'll see!

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Maija said...

I love all the photos, but especially the one with you and Kecia after she plaited your hair!