Sunday, March 16, 2008

Art Weekend

Mostly this weekend was spent cleaning and getting ready for my brother's visit. In between dustings however, I found time to do some playing in the studio. I've always loved Lisa Kaus and have a few of her pieces hanging in my studio. I originally saw her work when I some some tinnies in a magazine a long time and have coveted one forever. They are a little tricky to get and kind of pricey for me with the new house. So, I decided to save some cans and take a pass at my own.

While I love it, I've still got Lisa's on my wish list! This also gave me the perfect chance to use some of my new monopoly pieces from Ebay!

Note: Diamond glaze is holding this little guy on without any trouble.

Also, I finally got all my pics up from our Colorado trip.

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