Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update and a new Halloween pic

Okay, so apparently my last post freaked out my in-laws (I would've called if I knew you would read it before the update!) anyway, here's the update from the ENT visit. There's a small, tiny something on my paratid gland (between the results and the ENT reading the thing went from 5mm to .5mm which is a significant difference!) that I have to get checked in 3 months. If I notice anything before now and then, I'm to call him and come in. Mostly, it was a big no progress visit so I'm not sure how good I really feel about it. Apparently if it were bigger he would biopsy it but it's a big giant pain in the ass to get to and it's not that big (hopefully it won't get bigger). Eh, I guess we'll keep an eye on it and then worry about it again in March.

So now for more fun Halloween stuff. This is a little vignette that stays up year round in the bedroom just for a little touch of Halloween spirit all year round! The domino necklace was a fun piece I made while working on some pieces a while back and I love the contrasting colors and the chunkiness of the beads. I'm going to have to find the perfect outfit for this necklace!

This weekend was also a big accomplishment for the London trip. The Eddie Bauer outlet will never be the same after we stocked up on the sweaters, down vests and lightweight jacket I picked up for the trip. It's awesome to be able to buy clothes in a variety of stores, not just the plus size options. I got some great sweaters plus a down vest with a faux fur collar.

We also got new phones so I'm texting up a storm now! :) And, I now have a set of these on my studio day bed since I just couldn't resist. We got the bats and I have a white one, blue one and a black one plus a tiny pink one for work. Rolland surprised me with the black one on Thursday and now I have the set so he's not lonely!

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