Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First of the Halloween Pics and latest commission piece

A friend at work asked me to make a necklace using an image with a travel/Moroccan theme. She's also switching jobs so this is what I came up with for her. She had originally requested really bright colors but I just kept coming back to more earth tones because she's just such a grounded and down to earth kind of woman that I think that's what the piece kept screaming for so the color was all in the central image. She really seemed to like it and hope she does really well in her new gig.

The next one is a bead charm I made at Art and Soul last year and I just got around to soldering it. I'm still practicing on soldering the rounded stuff and if there's a trick to it, I'd love to hear it! This one went better than my first attempt but not by much. I will conquer this!

We had dinner on Saturday night with some friends - first time to meet the spouses. We're actually good work friends but it's the first time we've all gotten together. It was really nice. Today, my friend Mark brought me a bag of goodies his wife had put together for me filled with costume jewelry, odd trinkets, bits and bobs, let me tell you, for only having met me once, she's got my ticket! I loved my goodie bag and I've got big plans for it!

Finally, the first of many Halloween pics. This one is the lovely beaker of eyeballs in the guest/hubby's bathroom. He likes the more creepy icky parts of Halloween that I normally veto but somehow this one spoke to me so he came home on Friday and had the eyeballs as a surprise!

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