Sunday, October 07, 2007

Introducing the Remarkable Miss Frankenstein!

I've been working on this collage off and on all week as I've had a few spare minutes. I started by gessoing the canvas then applied absorbent ground to make the canvas seem more like paper and it worked! Although there's a huge warning label on this product that made my husband a little twitchy! Next, I went with the background and used a bright purple (dioxazine purple) layer that I blotted up with a paper towel then applied a bright yellow - green (thalo yellow green) that I also blotted up. Both were thinned out with acrylic glazing liquid. Then I was ready to apply collaged words to the edges of the canvas to make it seem more finished ( I also added a bat, a moon and a crown just to have more fun!). The words tell the story of Miss Frankenstein who was a little frisky in her younger days - and maybe now for all I know!

Finally, I added the front images and decided I needed another layer and added the gel transferred layer of text to the background. I love the effect of peeling wallpaper this seems to add - this isn't always a successful technique for me so I'm always especially happy when it turns out. She may find her way onto some holiday cards.

The other photos is another one in the line of our Halloween photos. This one is our front porch.


Kathy Maximo said...

Miss Frankenstein is a beauty...Ha! What I love is the flowers you added. That just sets it off, so cute and unexpected!

Marnie said...

This is just WONDERFUL!