Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fancy new camera footwork!

So here are some of the results of the fancy new camera including a new Halloween vignette!

The gray puppy looking ever so slightly crazy and adorable is Maya while the more dignified and above it all puppy is Abby. And by puppy, I mean 100 lbs each but they will always be my puppies! :) We took these on the first day of the new camera. The Halloween vignette, however, is of my very spooky candle village in the living room and was taken tonight in the very dark living room with the fancy new flash.

Seriously, if we had kids they would not be going to college! But, we go back to London our pictures will rock!

Tomorrow we are off to the State Fair of Texas and I am super excited to get all manner of foods that are on a stick and deep fried. Plus I am taking a bunch of pictures - maybe of said food on sticks deep fried! We've lived here for over 12 years and have never made it to the fair so tomorrow we're taking off at noon and going... I'll give you the skinny with pics!

Also, Happy Birthday Scot! My wonderful brother's birthday is today so send good thoughts his way. Now I have to go since getting up at 5 makes this my bedtime!

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Tina said...

Love your photos and the view from the ferris wheel was great!! Isn't fried anything good at the fair?? ;)