Sunday, April 02, 2006


I've been swamped with work and have gotten a little behind on my blogging. Sorry about that! I need to work on the altered journal that I want to do in the Bohemian theme (whether or not I send it in is entirely different!) but I've been doing a little procrastinating and played with my beads and charms instead. Today I created two new necklaces, one of which is made with three strands joined by a connector, that I'm pretty happy with but still, even for me, this was a procrastination project to avoid the altered book. Hopefully I've done a few pages in it by this evening. In the meantime, here are the necklaces I made.

On a different note, when I showed the 3 strand necklace to my husband when it was in progress he said he would reserve judgment until it was done... not the best comment to hear mid-stringing project. When I finished, I went outside to show it to him. His follow up commentary was that it sparkled. Clearly not his favorite work!

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