Saturday, April 29, 2006

Late Night/Early Morning Collage

I started this piece last night (I've been mulling it over for weeks) and I was compelled to just get a version of it out in the world. My photo choices were a little limited. I originally pictured this with a baby but I came across the little girl who looked very sweet and I loved the idea of her playing with a wand and creating shooting stars and flowers.

I started the piece with gesso, paint and paper border. All of that dried overnight and this morning I added gel medium and the silver paint. Again, drying time that for once I didn't try and push. I started adding the images and art bits and called it done once I had the floral images on. For some strange reason, I love all my pieces that have something floral. I guess for me, I know it's finished when a cabbage rose has been added!

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