Thursday, April 06, 2006

Expand Your Horizons

This is the message of a new ATC I made for myself for my b-day... well, it's tomorrow but I want to be able to hang it up in my cube at work. I want something that it's pretty and arty but also a reminder to get out there and take some risks. It's ok to make a fool of yourself and try something new! I think it turned out really well and love that it's all girlie with flowers and poofy ribbon... it's a very cute and cuddly tough love!

The hubby's taking me out to a snazzy restaurant for my birthday, but not too snazzy to have individual macaroni and cheese in cast iron skillets! I'm going to wear my still pretty new cowgirl shirt with sequins (by Vanilla Sugar which is my new favorite brand) with a black silk skirt that swirls if a twirl... not that I would twirl or anything. Anyway, I was inspired to channel my inner cowgirl after reading Deb Trotter's art blog ,which is fabulous, and watching a little too much Paula Deen on the food network!

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