Sunday, March 12, 2006

Studio space clean out update

Two large bags of trash and 4 unnecessary rubbermaid containers later, may studio is slightly more organized but still in desperate need of cleaning. The husband and I have spent the weekend doing some clean out of our separate spaces. He's been going through his game room and organizing all his stuff while I"ve been doing the same in my area. We've decided to have a garage sale and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law have graciously volunteered to come help us. This is a huge offer since my sis-in-law is a 2nd grade teacher and they wouldn't be able to come down to help until JUNE. In. Texas. This won't be pretty.

I removed two large bags of trash and several contains that turned out to be helpful in terms of clutter vs actual storage so I'm definitely making progress. The thing is that all this cleaning has made me realize that I'm stuck on the notion that I have to be surrounded by tons of things to be creative. I've amassed all of this stuff that I can't even see and expect it to inspire me. I'm really going to make a conscious effort to try not to buy things unless I really love them or I know exactly what purpose the object will serve. I've done a lot of collecting of things that I "could probably use" vs "yep, gotta have some of those plastic baby penguins...(as a for instance)".

On an arty note, I've been working on soldering my slides for my swap and I have to say that could be going better. I think I've been adding too much solder and it's pulling the foil off the slide. Not sure what the problem is but it's unfortunate timing since we have family coming in next weekend for 4 days so the studio space will have to fulfill it's supporting role of second bedroom so my time crunch is on to get the space back together, solder figured out and deep cleaned for my mother-in-law (no garage sale can't happen now as this is purely a pilgrimage to shop... plus, it's 91 already here).

Yes, 91 in March. Gotta love Texas!

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