Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel!

The room is almost inhabitable again! My husband remarked on how much bigger it appears and I'm thrilled that I can find everything when I want it. I'm adding a few photos of sample CD's I'm playing with to see what I like. My brother is a musician and I would love to get the cd collages to where I"m happy with them as they'd make a nice gift for him.

I'm still struggling with finding the hours in the day... do you think they'd notice at the office if I set up a little mini-studio - a little gel medium, some great vintage finds and a few odds and ends to alter and I'd be set. Maybe since were basically paper free my overwhelming large scrap pile would get noticed. It's something to ponder!

As for the cd's I've just been adding paint, pearl ex, gold leaf and stamps until I find something I like. I want something more ethereal than heavy layers of collage but I'm not quite there yet. Oh well, it's fun just playing and as long as AOL keeps sending me free trial disks I won't run out of canvases!

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