Sunday, March 20, 2011

Latest Books

In case anyone's interested, and you're a fan of urban fantasy (if you're not, please don't tell me), here's a quick list of a few favorites I read in the last couple of weeks.

I just finished reading Jim Butcher's anthology of short stories in the Harry Dresden series Side Jobs. Serious greatness. Plus, I'm now super excited and totally nervous (i.e. slightly dreading) the release of Ghost Story coming out in a few months.

Patricia Briggs and the Mercy Thompson series may be my favorite right now. I love Mercy and am a big fan of where the series is headed.

I love the Hollows series but the last couple of books haven't been my favorites. This one was similar and I'm not sure I like the direction of the series. It's not a big enough issue to stop reading (in part because I have a series book monkey on my back) but I'm hoping they eventually get back to somewhere I want it to go.

My comments on Late Eclipses are the exact opposite. I love where this series is headed and Tobey Daye becomes a more compelling character with each book. The amount of research that must go into the this series is a little staggering but I'm completely appreciative and these books are fantastic.

Rob Thurman rocks the Cal Leandros series and this was no exception. Loved it and was ready for more way too quickly. I'm pretty sure I read this in one day and drove the hubby nuts. Her dedication also made me all teary eyed before I even started.

Ok, I'm done and would've posted all the new books coming out that are exciting the book monkey but I'm tired and doing all the links would push me to the edge. May be later this week. Hope everyone had a terrific weekend.

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