Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Weekend Update

So far the weekend has been pretty good but busy. I did a local market on Saturday with a friend basically selling jewelry I like but don't really wear anymore and a few quick pieces I made last week. Had a fairly decent take rate and discovered everyone loves a set! Earrings, earrings, earrings. Now I know for next time!

I've been loving the chunky necklaces I'm seeing everywhere and decided to use some of my splurge finds. These are large amethyst stones and a silver clasp I got a couple of years ago in Omaha. Wired together a la silver 20 gauge wire and now I've got a lovely necklace of my own. Awesome for spring and summer but I think it will look terrific mixed in with a lot of the gray pieces I own.

I'm also working on a spring cleaning of the studio which is only slightly less of a disaster now. I can't complain too much since hubby's tackling the garage. :o

Happy Sunday Guys!

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