Thursday, March 03, 2011

Baking and Stuff

I've been doing a lot of this lately.

I find it incredibly relaxing to bake and have the house smell yummy. There's a reason I love Julie & Julia so much - Nora Ephron really got it right that it's such a comfort to know mixing eggs and chocolate will thicken. It really is a law of the universe. It's reassuring to know if you follow instructions, have a little patience and a really good mixing bowl that lovely baked goods will emerge. This is not always true for the rest of the outside world. I prefer to stay all hermit like in the house.

Except for last weekend. I went to the Bishop Arts District with a friend to check out what's new. We found this incredible shop (I saw it on Unique Eats on the cooking channel) that I couldn't believe was in Dallas.

I highly recommend a visit. They let you sample everything and really know their stuff. A chocolate and foodie lover's paradise.

A nice view of downtown and the Pegasus way off in the distance.

Love the Belmont Hotel perched high up on the hill. I'm dying to try Smoke right next door.

I've got big plans for some bread baking this weekend.

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Bo Nash said...

Smoke is absolutely great. Maybe that's where we should have our next lunch.