Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretties and a small post

The studio clean up is going pretty well. I'm actually at a point where I can see pretty things like this again. Once it's all back in order, I'll post pics. In this case, no before images will be shown.

I got this on a trip back home to Missouri last fall - and it doesn't matter how long we live in Texas, back home will always mean Missouri - and I love him. He hangs above my dresser with my growing rosary collection (some are in the studio) and a few favorite necklaces. Originally I had planned to hang him in the kitchen but he never made it.

Necklace I re-worked. It had been strung on a cord with swarovski beads but it was too fussy for me (shocking I know!) so now it's back to simple chain with clasp. Much better for layering.

Happy Tuesday! I'm off to catch up on junk TV before Rolland makes it home. He doesn't complain too often but if I can get it out of the way so he doesn't even have to tolerate it, even better!


Debra said...

I know what it's like to have supplies and forget about them because you can't find them or see them. I have bought so many things over and over again because I had forgotten that I already had them. I'm in the process of clean up and redoing everything.

abbymaya said...

I know! I basically need to have a giant glass/plastic room so I can see everything.