Sunday, January 03, 2010

This and That

One of our favorite Sunday activities is the 1/2 price drinks from sonic and then browsing at houses. We found this one in a new planned community in Frisco. The house itself isn't great but this kitchen is awesome. I think I would want to add a couple of super fantastic chandeliers and switch out to subway tile with black chem lab countertops. One sink that's really deep so mostly my dream kitchen. :)

I could've used this kitchen this weekend while baking up a storm. I've been really depressed about how the holiday got away from me and I did little in the way of anything festive so I've already started getting a jump on new habits. No, I'm not baking now for next Christmas but I am testing out recipes and spending more time in the kitchen in general. I want us to try and focus more on eating right (moderation is the key) and getting in some exercise. This means everyone at our offices can benefit from the baked goods I like to make without us having to actually eat them (well, eat most of it). This weekend I've got pumpkin bread, dark chocolate pound cake and bread dough in the freezer/refrigerator. I did throw Rolland a bone and make oatmeal raisin cookies. Tomorrow I'm bringing in a caramel pound cake... will try to remember to take pics.

During the break last week I did manage to get some studio time in and make a few fun things. This one was more light assembly then anything. Rolland got me an incredibly cute flash drive that we both thought would be awesome as a necklace (my friend Jen got me a book from the Spy Museum so I'm really set).

This one I remade from pieces I put together at the art nest but was never happy with the outcome. Inspired by Jane Dean I added crystals to the skull and added them as the focal along with one of the charms from a 10 commandments bracelet. This one is thou shalt not steal. Seemed appropriate with the skulls.

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Maija said...

Roland did very good! That flash drive rocks!!!
Happy New Year Amy!!