Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cloverleaf... again

We had a 3 day weekend which seemed like a perfect time for Bo (the girl) and I to hit the road to Cloverleaf on Monday while hubby was at work. We left early and had an awesome trip into Oklahoma. Since I drove, we got there early which left us with a chance to wander the front "yard" looking at all kinds of things like this. Rolland specifically warned me not to come home with this ice cream cone.

I got this one instead.

He's now decided the ice cream cone might not have been so bad.

Rolland was also shocked on Saturday that I wanted to get paint to paint the living room. Further distressing was realizing I meant to start that afternoon. We're halfway through and the color has finally settled in and should look really pretty. We've also decided on a new bookshelf/media storage plan for the tv wall. Hopefully before and after pics will be going up this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!

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Maija said...

I freaking love your statue!! The ice cream cone isn't quite as cool as what you got!