Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All about the food and housekeeping

I think I'm doing a mid-winter spring cleaning now that the holidays have officially moved on in our house. For me, this includes kitchen clean out and stocking up; although my fridge does still need a good scrubbing. I've been stocking up on the baked goods, using up products that are starting to think about going belly up and restocking the soups and casseroles in the freezer. I think some of the homekeeping inspiration has come from finishing the Julia Child biography I've been working on since last spring. It took me forever to really get into it but I did then have become a little obsessed. I finished Judith Jones' book and am now onto Julie Powell's latest, most likely you've all read or seen this one, but Cleaving is a huge departure (so far) from her earlier book and I'm not quite sure whether I like it or not. So far, she's incredibly unlikeable although I do truly appreciate her honesty I'm not so sure I really wanted to know about it. I'm planning to move to Mimi Sheraton's book next.

This manic craze is also propelling me forward on the mini-living room makeover we're contemplating. I wanted to do a little bit larger re-do but this year of fiscal responsibility just doesn't justify such an expense when a couple of gallons of paint and a few smart furniture adjustments could do the trick. We're still in negations over color. Originally I found a blue I liked but then started thinking maybe more brown (husband is confused since my brown did take a turn towards golden yellow which has been thoroughly vetoed!). I'll give you an update once a final decision has been made along with a before/after.

Hope everyone's staying warm and toasty during this cold snap which by the way, I'm totally loving!

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Maija said...

I'm staying warm and toasty, especially in our warm afternoon sunshine!

I just read that gray is the new neautral color for the home......