Sunday, January 10, 2010

Awesome weekend

Saturday was an awesome girls day (plus my fabulous friend Yuri). We met at my house for brunch then braved the bone chilling cold, which I love, to do some shopping at the outlets. It seems everyone was extremely successful in helping out the economy. :)

I made it home in plenty of time to watch the Cowboys and their greatness (Go Cowboys!... just for all the Ticket fans out there). Today I haven't felt great and ended up napping most of the afternoon. I did get chicken stock made and watched the Packers/Cardinals game. I was really routing for the Packers but it wasn't meant to be.

Little art's gotten done but I have been inspired to get some new charms done based on a similar look to the piece I created in Phoenix. Hopefully I'll get in lots of studio time this week.

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Maija said...

Go Cards! We sure were happy!
I'll be taking some more classes from Terri this weekend!!