Sunday, November 29, 2009

Soldering Skills Come in Handy

Turns out, my being able to solder is super handy. We saw a mirror set at IKEA that I loved. Mostly, I loved the hand mirror and the large mirror hanging with pretty pink velvet and chain but for $30 I could definitely figure something else out. I bought a set of rectangular mirrors instead ($5 for the pack of 4) and decided to DIY it at home. My first attempted involved epoxy and hangers... this did not go well although I discovered the epoxy failure prior to it hitting the ground. Up next, a round of soldering. This turned out to not be the pain in the butt I was expecting. I added a patina finish and am really happy with how it turned out with my pink ribbon and vintage chain added. Now I can check out the jewelry choices without running back into the bathroom to review. You would be amazed how many runs this can be in the am. :)

I decided to continue on with the super crafty DIY skills and fixed these vintage ornaments we got a few weeks ago. There were 6 in the set but two had lost their metal hangings so a little foil, flux and solder and these are back in business!

This weekend has been awesome. Incredibly relaxing with lots of movies (Blind Side, Purple Violets, Bottle Shock), tv catch up (have you seen White Collar yet? It's greatness!)and playing in the studio. We did get some Christmas shopping done but still need to get a few more things ordered.

Hope you had a terrific weekend.

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