Sunday, November 08, 2009

More and More Marie Pages

I knew the Marie swap had the potential to get out of control so I've been mailing my pages all along. I did take advantage of a couple of extended deadlines to squeeze in a fewer other projects but now they're almost done! These are two that have been in progress and I've got a couple more in different stages of drying. It's been super fun to spread out and try new things. I feel a little conflicted since I think the idea was to be super romantic and frilly but I've been loving Teesha Moore's stuff more and more so some of these pages just seemed like the perfect place to try some of the graphical elements that are so prevelant in her journals. If you like her work, follow her blog to see some of her awesome videos of her how tos.

I hope everyone's having an awesome weekend and getting in some outside time with this gorgeous fall. In a couple of hours I'll be lunching on the patio with Bo and then hitting Sur la Table for pies & tarts class. Next week is Omaha and Silver Bella! Woo hooo!

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Charlene said...

How very cute are your Marie pages!!!! I noticed you have become a follower & wanted to come by & meet you. Also, I see we both live in the metroplex. I live south of Ft Worth. Loved your post about your trip to Phoneix. I went to California to take classes with DIana Frey. Are you going to Adorn Me in Houston in May? It is put on by Art Unraveled & is a jewelry only event. I have a button on my side bar. Check it out. You might love it.