Sunday, November 01, 2009


I'm incredibly behind in posting but wanted to share all the goodies from my trip to visit the amazing and lovely Maija in Phoenix. She graciously invited me to stay with her while we went to Terri Brush's class hosted by Melrose Vintage. This is a pic of their gorgeous sign. I love the mix of retro/vintage and shabby chic.

The classes were held in the courtyard of a fabulous house in a lovely neighbor not too far from the Melrose area. All of the houses looked like they were from the 1920's-1940's with lots of character, stained glass with streets lined with palm trees. If I didn't know it could be up to 117 in the summer this neighbor could convince me to relocate. Alas, I'm scared of melting in the summer sun! I'm sticking with lots of visits.

A great pic of me and Maija taken by the lovely Tricia. She had a super cool printer that printed out these amazing pics in different styles including calendars. I've got my eye on a new toy!

The immensely talented Terri Brush, and a weird pic of me. Terri's class was one of my best classes ever. She does a great job of gearing it towards all levels so that beginners and more experienced artists all learned new techniques with everyone taking home awesome finished pieces. Terri and the Melrose ladies also went above and beyond in terms of supplying everyone with anything they might need including finished necklaces from Terri, sweet treats and all the sparkly goodies one might need to finish a piece. If you get an opportunity to attend a class, I can't recommend it enough.

One of my finished pieces - shield bracelet that I've worn 3 times since coming home!

Previously mentioned sparkly goodies!

p.s. For any foodie nerds out there, Maija also took me to the Trader Joe's where I wanted to take home one of everything! I settled on peanut butter, assorted chocolate and some recyclable bags since I can't resist a graphic bag!

p.s.s. Next post, I'll catch you up on this weekend and some of my new favorite shopping haunts. Plus, tomorrow is the premiere of V and I'm super excited as well as a giant geek!

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