Saturday, November 07, 2009

Last Weekend's Antique Outing

Apparently, there is a twice yearly antique sale in the design and antique district in Dallas. This was the first my friend Jen and I had heard of it so we promptly scratched other plans and made this our new destination. We've also added a new partner in crime, Bo, not to be confused with Bo, My husband has taken to referring to her as Bo the Girl and since she is delightful and charming she did not smack him. Bo, not the girl and I, are heading here for lunch on Tuesday but I digress.

The other shopping fiends and I met for breakfast here. It's incredibly tasty. In fact, the husband and I are planning to head there for breakfast in a couple of hours. 1. it's super tasty 2. It's my bribe for swinging by the antique store for more Christmas ornaments like these.

Sorry, I digressed. Again. Anyway, after breakfast we headed towards the design district thinking this was where all the sale goodness was happening but not so much. We were not deterred and headed down to Industrial where, in fact, all of the actual sales were happening. I have found a few new places to love like this, and this, and this one. Here are some pics that I didn't take because I was caught up in a vintage ornament/biscuit and gravy coma.

These are some of my other super great finds.

I also found these great dice and pics which are perfect for our guest bathroom. After our major bathroom re-model I was not discouraged (for long) or put off (much) about redoing the guest bathroom. It's mostly Rolland's, and where the puppies get baths, but I really want to do a vintage black and white bathroom even though it's incredibly over and done to death but still, I want my white subway tile! I decided it would help my cause to find some great old items that even he would love.
How could anyone say no to a b&w pic of a fighter pilot and over size vintage dice from Vegas?

Tomorrow, lunch then Pies and Tarts class at Sur la Table. I'll try to be a better blogger and take pics. Even if I am covered in flour with hand prints on my butt, not that this is something that occurs regularly when I'm in the kitchen or anything!

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