Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pink Box

This one has been on the desk for a while just waiting for it's own post! I had been working on this one for probably 3 months as I was just never happy with it. It was bland and empty but I didn't want to do too much so finally I just grabbed my charcoal pencil and went nuts! The top was clearly my attempt just to see how the pencil would work versus paint and I love the result. I'm not sure if comes across in the photos but it's really hard to tell what was supposed to be there compared to what would be there "with age". These pieces really are much more fun to think of as something I would've found in an old attic somewhere.

p.s. I have a giant shipment of doll heads coming pretty soon and have no idea what else I could with them! My husband is growing very concerned. :)

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m i c h e l l e said...

Very lovely, Amy. I love the smoky, romantic feel the box has to it. And have fun with those doll heads! I rarely buy anything with a purpose in mind. I just have fun building my "collections" and then sooner or later, I get inspired. :-)