Friday, April 17, 2009

Art filled week

It was a lovely art filled week. First I received this lovely ribbon from Maija and it looks gorgeous next to the other sparklies and goes especially well with the collaged spoon as this was another gift from this incredible artist. We did a swap based on our mutual adoration of all things doll part related and I just love it! Perfect colors and image - seriously, I couldn't have imagined a better piece to have as inspiration in the studio.

Yesterday, Suzanne, Jen and I packed up and headed west to the Main Street Art Festival in Ft. Worth. It was incredible weather with the perfect temp and slightly cloudy so only a tiny sunburn this year. We saw some amazing art including these wind catchers that were spectacular with the most incredible glass. We also found a woman who makes unbelievably intricate etchings on copper and then creates prints from them. Everyone found several pieces that had to come home with us. I think one may have to head into the office with me just to keep some things that are lovely around at all times. It definitely makes the space much more inspirational.

Our next excitement is heading to New Orleans in May for a girls weekend in honor of Suzanne's birthday. Clearly more fun is ready to be had by all!

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