Thursday, April 16, 2009

All about the necklaces

I've been working on these two pieces for months now. The components were just sitting on my desk and I would do a little wire work between working on other things but I finally got them both finished with photos! The steel on the aqua piece was not my favorite to work with but I think I finally got the hang of it and love the combo of textures between it and the thin silver. The vintage clasp is slightly twitchy but I love the little detail it brings to the overall necklace.

The black retro style necklace was made using a charm I made last year and added the patina to the solder. I also had these odd Bakelite style beads that I wanted to use on the perfect piece. I'm not sure the charm = perfect but the combo is definitely right for me. I love all the vintage Bakelite pieces from flea markets that are considerably out of my price point but I can dream and put my handy pliers to work. Also, if anyone knows where I can get more of these black rectangular beads let me know. I can not remember where I got these and even though, absurdly, I keep my supply invoices just for this reason, these little babies slipped by my strange OCD behavior this time.


randy said...

Where do you get the old photos (like the couple in the first necklace here) that you use in your work?

abbymaya said...

Flea markets and anywhere that has boxes of old photos. I drive the husband crazy because I could spend hours going through boxes. :)