Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interrupting regularly scheduled post

with a progress poll. I've been really making an effort to get in shape and I've created a progress blog elsewhere but I'm taking a moment to solicit comments on whether improvement has actually been made. I'm attaching March's photo with Monday's progress pic. In case it's difficult to tell Monday's pic is the dress in pink. :)



Denise S. said...

I see alot of difference. Starting with your face,much slimmer looking to me.
Also see a big difference around your midriff area.Good luck and please tell us what you have been ding to shape up.

abbymaya said...

Thanks Denise! I've been working with a trainer and trying to make healthier food choices. Some days that works and others it doesn't which is why Laura working my butt off, literally!, 3 days a week has been awesome. Incredibly hard and frustrating some days but mostly it's been fantastic.

Cindy Dean said...

Your doing great!!! Just dropping in to say hi!

Mary Lynn said...

Hello my friend. Yes, I see improvement from head to toe. Your hairstyle now is very nice, and of course I looovvveee the pink dress and the right on sandels.