Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was tagged by my soul sister in all things soldered Melissa Merrill to post the 4th photo in my 4th folder but my 4th folder doesn't have anything postable but this is the 4th photo in my photo folder. :) Such a great pic of my puppy Abby - she's incredibly cute and loves to snuggle especially when it's storming!

I love that I was tagged by Melissa with Michelle who I met at Silver Bella when the hotel valet very nicely put Michelle in my rental car which she thought was a really weird (PT Crusier) extra shuttle so while it seemed odd she hopped in. Love that amazing sense of adventure! We had a terrific time circling the airport trying to find the car rental return, I couldn't have done it without her so fate really helped me out! I'm also incredibly jealous she's going to the Art Nest gathering. Candice and Julie are two of the most incredible and wonderful women I've met and would love to hang out in the snowy cabin again playing with fun art supplies and eating all the yummy food!

Now, I'm off to bed to try and sleep away this cold that has set in. I had been persistently ignoring it but now it will not be ignored any longer and the paper towels I'm using for kleenex are extremely unpleasant!

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~Melissa Merrill~ said...

Hi Amy,
Oh Abby is so cute. Great story on how you and Michelle met.