Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scotty Charm

This little guy I made a couple of weeks ago but wanted to share him with you guys. There's just something about this illustration that I found adorable like he's just about ready to pounce for a treat or kisses. He hasn't completely decided yet. I added instant age with my favorite charcoal pencil and a favorite number grouping just because I love typography and can't stop myself. Now, I wear him whenever possible! He's inspired a few new things I need to get up in the etsy store fairly quickly or I'm not going to make the monthly addition update goal I set for myself.

In other non art news we have lost all internet and cable at our houses for reasons AT&T have been unable to explain. Hopefully someone will be providing answers between 4-9 tonight. Yep, that's perilously close to my bedtime! We're hoping they mean close to 4. In the meantime, my internet access from home will be pretty limited but I have ways around it. :) Without cable or internet to entertain me, I've been perusing Amy Hanna's new book and I love it. She's such an inspiration and just generally an awesome women so I encourage anyone who loves vintage, jewelry or pretty things to grab this one at the first opportunity.


Maija said...

I LOVE Amy's book! It's so pretty!
And so is your Scotty charm!

Julie Collings said...

Dear Amy,
so fun to hear from you, we will be missing you at the nest.
take care, Julie

Cindy Dean said...

So cute! I hope all is well. I saw that you were sick recently. Me too...I understand your pain...LOL