Friday, February 20, 2009

Sparkly Saints

I needed an art quickie the other day and finally got around to making some sparkly earrings with swarovski rondelles and a matching pair of religious charms I've had stashed away waiting for the wire and sparklies. I took a short cut and used some sterling earwires but I'm happy with the result.

On the non-art front, we've been super busy at our house lately as we've made some substantial lifestyle changes and have been trying to work it all in. This hasn't left as much time for playing in the studio as I hoped but I'm still working on finding the balance. We're trying to be healthier and more fiscally responsible which means time at the gym and at the stove. I've decided that I'm going to chronicle the health stuff over here just to have a sort of separation of church & state. If you are mostly interested in the art stuff and assorted fluffliness I'll still be delivering it on this blog but the hardcore food, gym and other assorted heath things will be going on over there.

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kecia said...

these are great, amy! got your ornaments -- thanks for the hustle! they are great! i'll be mailing out tomorrow if times allows (got a few other appts.) i blogged all the ornies if you want a spoiler.....