Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sybil Shrine

I posted a while back about the multitude of German dolls I've stockpiled. I finally finished a shrine I started a few weeks ago that focuses on a doll. The name of the piece is "Sybil's Shrine" based on the ancient greek seers who were called sybils. She's also got some text inside that says "Sybil, keep her secrets". Like my previous louvre shrine this was also inspired by the British Museum and my previous life in which I was an antiquities student.

This is a pic that always inspires.

Somehow when I think of shrines, I'm drawn to the museums with incredible antiquities collections or natural history museums. I would love to visit the Field Museum in Chicago again (summer road trip?). I always feel bad that when visiting the art museums I really do admire the incredible pieces but really just long for giant Egyptian statues or massive Babylonian doors. Like these:

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Pilar said...

Lovely shrine and to one of my favorite mythological/historical peeps, the Sybil. You have another one of my favs, Sekhmet in your museum pic. Great post!