Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only half-dressed

This one is still in progress. She definitely needs a little something to perk her up although I'm very happy with how the charcoal pencil (thank you for the awesome tip Sally Jean - and if you could send the pendant I ordered in Sept or reply to my email I would be overjoyed!!!) really adds dimension and instant age/grit to the box.

I'm thinking of adding in some crayon coloring but have to admit I'm concerned about jacking it up but I just need to try it and add until I have a final result that I love. Tolerate. Don't mind. But, I have to tell you guys that I slam into the giant brick wall where I get nervous about experimentation. I have no idea why since it's just a fun kind of piece made with a broken doll, a $3 ornament, a cardboard box, paint and glitter so not a large or expensive cash output here. Still I hate to admit that the two months I've been working on it slowly were a waste but somehow everything feels like an art project that's getting graded by a super strict art teacher at the end and I really want that "A" and a gold star damn it! Okay, I'm just going to add some color, numbers, whatever I find on the desk and get over it.

Well, let me sleep on it.


Judy said...

I love it the way it is - the focus is perfect

Maija said...

I adore your dolly shrines and stuff!!!!