Sunday, January 04, 2009

Faux Jade and Baccarat

My necklace thought process summed up in the following. :) I picked up these beads a while back at Michael's and decided they would look great as a simple necklace with natural stone beads linking them. Since the stones are pretty hefty I used annealed steel and wire wrapping to make sure they were super secure and I was mostly happy with it but then came across something that remained me of Vegas which then reminded me of the Baccarat store at Caesar's Palace and the incredibly fabulous chandeliers they have (all with a red crystal signature) which, finally, led me to add this little red stone to the clasp. I love the bright burst of color and touch of whimsy that it adds to an otherwise fairly sedate necklace. And there you have it, my stream of consciousness necklace! :)

Tomorrow is back to work and I wish everyone a smooth return to post-holiday life!

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