Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love Box

I've been working on this box since last week trying to get the paint layers right plus all the layers of paint and collage. I can't even say how happy I am with the results. I've talked about my love of Lisa Kaus here before but I really appreciate how open she's been with her work and techniques so I was able to create my own interpretation of her pieces since it's unlikely I'll be able to attend a class soon. Although it's definitely on my wish list for 2009!

The photo shows how I started with a few layers of paint. I wished I had taken step by step photos but I would be working on it then remember I should've taken a pic! Here's my step by step process. The base was two round wood chip boxes from Michael's that I gessoed then used absorbent ground on the entire piece. I coated with a few coats of red/pink/iridescent silver mixed with glazing liquid. Next I added a glaze of iridescent stainless steel (golden) and glazing liquid then started on the finishings. I discovered a nice trick of creating the scallops and circles with charcoal pencil so when I went in with the white paint the charcoal created a nice aging effect. The entire pieces were aged with charcoal pencil and I sealed them with workable fixative so the charcoal doesn't smear. Finally I added the collaged text, glitter and 3d elements (like the washers I keep on hand just for such purposes!). The final step was to use epoxy (this holds like magic) to connect the boxes together add the green handle, dice and doll head. Now, the entire piece is going to the mantle!

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Cindy Dean said...

Great job Amy! I love it.