Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday

I didn't get much done this weekend beyond picking up the house, putting up the Halloween village and doing a bunch of reading. I'm re-reading the Southern Vampire novles by Charlaine Harris and they still rock! These are the basis for the new series True Blood on HBO by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and I'm hooked. Sunday's is on the TIVO waiting for us to get home tonight since I missed it yesterday. I was catching up on the books and contemplating an early night but I got sucked (no pun intended!) into the 2nd book and was up until midnight. 5am came a lot sooner than I was prepared for!

This weekend we've got a lot of plans with a work function for hubby on Sat, plus the Cottonwood Arts Festival then Sunday I've got tickets for us to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art! I am beside myself excited since I've wanted to go see this exhibit for years. Years! We tried to see it in London but the lines and tickets were both impossible. But this time, Sunday at 8am we're in like Flynn! Then a trip to the Farmer's Market for fruits, veggies and pumpkins for the wagon on the front walk. It's fall and the weather better just catch up to it right now!

I know I owe you guys a bazillion and 1 pics and I'm going to get to it this week right after I watch True Blood and Mad Men...wait, was last week the season finale? If so I have free time, right after watching Feasting on Waves. Not as good as Feasting on Asphalt for me but still pretty awesome! Also, on a slightly non television but food related note, I've made reservations for us at Bouchon when we're in Vegas in two weeks! Woo hoo!


Cindy Dean said...

That restaurant looks fab!!! LOL...I live in Las Vegas and didn't even know about it, but then again, I stay as far from the strip as possible unless family or friends are in town.

Maija said...

I've been watching True Blood, and I'm not way into it yet. I am no prude, but I'm finding alot of the sex vulgar and gratuitous. I just started watching 6 Feet Under, and I LOVE that show. I think it's brilliant!

Pilar said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am really enjoying the True Blood series and am anxious to see how it unfolds. Stephen Moyer is a perfect casting. ;D I am also a huge fan of Mad Men as well. Great minds think alike!