Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is pretty much sums up the work day. It's just been crazy hectic and I've wanted to do nothing more than come home and play in my studio while watching Battlestar Galactica and listening to the puppies snore. Ah, the sights and sounds of home. 

Instead, I've been increasingly busy and not overwhelmed but disconnected. I feel like I'm working on a million pieces to 10 different puzzles and it's driving me crazy. Typically, I like to rant and rave about my current project but the truth is I love them. They're like my babies and I'm heavily invested in all of them and want them to turn out perfectly. I'm resigned to this not happening but typically I'm really happy with all the effort and most of the product achieved. I love working with the super smart people in teams and having everyone work together to get it done. Now, it's more like a blind assembly line with everyone blindly handing off their portion to the anonymous person next to them. I'm a little fuzzy on next steps but to keep going in and working on the handoffs.

Is this a situation that can be helped with baked goods? 

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