Sunday, September 21, 2008

And I'm back

I hadn't really meant to be away from blogging for so long but we had family in town and then work was crazy so this is my first time to catch up in over a week. In fact, the week was such a wheels off week that the husband sent me these gorgeous flowers and chocolates as a little pick me up. It worked, I was in fact much perkier. I also had several comments including one in which she said the flowers looked just like me. I'm choosing to believe that's a compliment! :)

I had wanted to get some studio time in but mostly it was a busy weekend. On Saturday some ladies from work and I headed to The Modern in Ft. Worth, they've posed beautifully in front of the reflecting pool, and I loved the building but the main exhibit was not my favorite. I did love these amazing photos they had and some mixed media pieces that tied in with the photos.

We also visited The Kimball and sadly I was mostly left with the impression that they desperately needed more bathrooms! It was interesting to see some of the Impressionists work that typically is only seen in reproductions but the crowds made it almost impossible to see anything or read anything. It was very reminiscent of the Italian paintings room at The Louvre.

Otherwise, the only other thing I've been doing is reading several headache books including changes to my diet. So far so good but some of the choices I have to exclude are sourdough bread (which makes life worth living), chocolate and citrus! Uhm, this could be a problem. I just have to weigh the food option against the full blown migraine. I'm thinking I can reserve the sourdough panini, chocolate cake and lemon drink for a birthday!

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Maija said...

Your hubby is such a sweetheart! And you are beautiful like the flowers, thru and thru!