Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Alphabet Charms

Finally, a pic of the great charms I received from the alphabet charm swap. I was really happy to be included in the swap and after receiving such great work I was definitely a happy girl! These are just awesome and I can't wait to assemble a charm piece that highlights these pieces.

I've gotten very little art done the last few weeks. Everything has just been really hectic and when I've gotten home I've been hibernating with a book or sleeping. This is the last weekend before our big Vegas trip and it's getting pretty crammed with stuff (including the King Tut exhibit that I can't wait to check out) but I'm determined to get a few things made so we'll see how it goes. I may need to actually chart out my time and make sure I allot art time! I figure since we're driving to Vegas I can take some jewelry supplies with me. My friend Suzanne thinks I'm crazy that hanging out in the Bellagio and making chain is my idea of an ideal vacation! :)

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