Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Victoria Magazine, Out of Africa and high school?

I've been reading Victoria Magazine since high school. I think I started with the first copy and I was totally hooked. I loved all things old and pestered the parents to get me a carpet bag for Christmas one year (Mom came through). I was going to carry it with me on all my travels starting with the Cotswolds. The area was also very popular with Victoria Magazine. Anyway, there was an article about Isak Dinesen the pseudonym of Karen Blixen. The magazine included images of her home in Denmark, fashions inspired by the movie "Out of Africa", gardens, etc. I had a skirt that I wore forever (until eaten by an escalator in my building. It's a hazard being 5'2 and wearing long skirts) with my white shirt and felt like I could be heading out on Safari any minute. All of this is a huge build up to the fact that even though I was madly in love with the images and the idea of the movie, I had never actually seen it. I knew all along it would be a serious romantic tear jerker for me since I'm a sap anyway. Finally, I broke down and watched it.

Clearly I'm the last person on Earth not to know how amazing it was! I loved all of it. It was beautifully shot, lovely costumes and incredible acting. OY! How could I have missed out on all of this? Yet, it was definitely a movie I refused to watch with the husband. I was having none of the mocking of the romance, the laughing during the dramatic parts, faux sadness at every turn. Nope, I watched it in hour snippets when he was away and I finished the final 30 minutes today. Now, I've got a copy of my own heading to me and I plan to spend some serious studio time while watching again. Meryl Streep had some gorgeous beads on in the film that I want to re-create. Nope, I can't help myself.

In case you find yourself with some time on your hands and want to get swept away to a foreign land with a lovely film, here are some of my favorites:

Out of Africa
Enchanted April
Tea with Mussolini
A Month by the Lake - it's worth it, just stick with it!
A Room with a View
Cold Comfort Farm
Widows Peak


Maija said...

I haven't seen any of those movies! I saw Out of Africa, but I must have watched it with my eyes closed, because I don't remember much!
I'll rent them all to watch this summer!

Lush (1/2 of LushCash) said...

I found you on Gravestone Girl's blog( Just checked out your ETSY site! I love your work!

Denise S. said...

I have watched Out of Africa but long ago and also watched Chocolat remember I liked it,very different.