Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

There's little excitement here today. I was scheduled to go to my friend Lara's for mani/pedis - that's how to celebrate the 4th with no kids and relatives in other states- but I had a flat tire that was a little bit of an ordeal so we're re-scheduling. Instead, we watched the Olympic Trials and the thunderstorm that has come and gone. Hopefully it'll help cool us off since I'm done with the hot, hot temps of Northern Texas. I've proposed the 4th be moved to Halloween so we could go trick or treating and then have snacks for watching the fireworks. Rolland was skeptical of this catching on with anyone.

Hope you guys are having an awesome day of parades, hot dogs, burgers, veggie dogs, fireworks and fun!

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Cindy Dean said...

I'll vote for the change! It would be great!