Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Barbara Peacock

That's the name of the centerpiece of this collage. Mostly she was made by my desk. I'm still trying to put my studio back together after the non-move and had all kinds of bits and bobs laying around on my desk so I put them all to good use playing with this background. Yep, I had this background sitting on my desk where I was playing with one of my oil paint crayons. I added some more layers, the image, a few sparklies and found some old text to make the phrase and she's done. It's kind of fun to use only the material literally at hand!

What masterpieces await you on your desk?


Tina said...

Very nice Desk art!! I used to doodle eyes at my desk when I was a receptionist!

kecia said...

oh my gosh, so you aren't moving now? wow, what a big change in plans; although you seem very fine with it! i bet things are really hectic inside the house - yikes!
barbara peacock rocks!

Maija said...

It's a fabulous creation, Amy!