Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time in the studio!

I had fun cleaning up my space and make a few fun silly pieces. I also made my first pair of earrings that are wire wrapped around ruby jade. I used a low gauge annealed steel for the wires and high gauge steel for the wrapping. Luckily, I escaped any injuries this time! I really like them but definitely need more practice.

The lucky kitty necklace is a charm I got from Silver Crow and made with coral and a couple of accent green beads (also silver crow). I picked up some silver pagoda earrings at World Market just to wear them together. Clearly, I love a theme!

The pearl necklace was apparently strung a long time ago since I found it in a basket with beads, other pearls and thread. All I had to do was close the bead tips and add a clasp. I used a rhinestone piece I also found on the desk and formed a hook out of some extra sterling wire. Probably the quickest project I've ever made! I'm not sure if the pearls are vintage or not but they definitely have that feel to them and they'll look great layered with my other pieces.

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